Is Scott Pioli thinking ahead?

Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports thinks Josh McDaniels could someday replace Todd Haley as the Chiefs’ coach. My thoughts?

McDaniels’ name will be the first I write if/when Haley is fired. McDaniels and Kansas City general manager Scott Pioli are very close and they have mutual respect. McDaniels likely would have been Pioli’s hire in Kansas City in the first place had he been hired before McDaniels was hired in Denver in 2009. Denver hired McDaniels two days before Pioli was hired.

Pioli saw Bill Belichick fail in Cleveland and then succeed in New England. He won’t be scared of McDaniels’ failure as Denver’s coach. Also, don’t discount the McDaniels-Matt Cassel factor. There are a lot of reasons to think McDaniels would be a logical candidate if Pioli ends up making a coaching change.