AFC West mailbag

Weekend mail call:

Johnny from San Jose wants to know how big I think the Raiders’ win over the Jets was.

Bill Williamson: It’s about as big as a Week 3 win can be, Johnny. It was large. The Raiders showed they can come back in a game they trailed by double digits. They showed heart after a devastating Week 2 loss in Buffalo. They showed they can beat a quality AFC opponent and they showed they can dominate offensively. It was truly impressive. It goes down as a huge early-season win.

Adam from Caldwell, Idaho wants to know if Eric Decker can become a Brandon Marshall-type receiver for Denver.

BW: I think Decker will become a very reliable player for Denver. I don’t think he compares to Marshall because of their body type. Still, I think Decker is a playmaker, who has nice hands. The 2010 third-round pick is polished for a young player. I do think he has a bright future as a Bronco. He could go down as the best draft pick of the short Josh McDaniels’ era.

Kurt Cavigga from Seattle wants to know what the Chiefs plan to do with tackle Jared Gaither.

BW: Gaither played quite a bit at San Diego. I think he is still getting into shape, but I expected to see him play more and more as the season regresses as long as his back (he missed all of last season) holds up. He is a talented player and he can help this offensive line. Expect him to get plenty of opportunities to do it.