Raiders, Chiefs sticking to game plan

Mark Malzewski of ESPN Stats & Information put together a chart of every NFL team’s percentage of passing plays, including quarterback scrambles and sacks. The league average is 61 percent of passing plays compared to 39 percent running plays. There are some interesting numbers involving the AFC West. Let’s look at where each team stands:


Called Pass Percentage: 62.6

My thoughts: The Broncos have played three close games, so they are tossing the ball around pretty good when it matters. Plus, the run game has not taken off yet. This slightly above average percentage doesn’t stun me.

Kansas City

Called Pass Percentage: 54.9

My thoughts: This is the sixth lowest percentage in the league. The Chiefs are sticking to their choice of offense despite being the only NFL team that has not had a lead at any point this season. The Chiefs are being outscored by an average 27 points per game. Yet, they are sticking to their plan, even without star running back Jamaal Charles. He was lost for the season with a knee injury early in Week 2.


Called Pass Percentage: 46.5

My thoughts: This is the second lowest percentage of pass plays in the NFL, ahead of only the Jaguars. It’s working for the Raiders. They have the best running game in the NFL. It’s perfect. The Raiders are smoking defenses with the run and it allows quarterback Jason Campbell to pick his spots and be efficient. This attack could take the Raiders all the way to the playoffs.

San Diego

Called Pass Percentage: 62.9

My thoughts: The Chargers have a top-notch passing game, so they are going to be above average in percentages. But they do keep a solid balance, relative to the league. The Chargers are not afraid to run the rock, either.