AFC West mailbag

Mid-week mail call:

Danny from El Centro wants to know how I think the AFC West compares to other divisions.

Bill Williamson: I think the Chiefs’ struggles are hurting the division as a whole. With San Diego and Oakland having solid programs, it would have been nice had Kansas City been able to keep up the progress it made last season. Now, though, both Kansas City and Denver, are bottom-half programs at this point. I think the division has potential, but it can’t be considered one of the better divisions overall.

Silver/Black from Oakland wants to know if I think Oakland receiver Denarius Moore could be a candidate for the offensive rookie of the year award.

BW: I think Moore is fantastic and he is one of the more productive rookies in the league. However, there’s a quarterback in Carolina who may get in Moore’s way of winning the award. Still, the fifth-round pick is a gem.

Bobby from Olathe, Kan., wants to know if think the Chargers should draft a tight end early next year because of Antonio Gates’ health issues.

BW: I could see it happening. The truth is Gates’ foot issues have been ongoing and they will likely continue. I don’t think he is done. But he is 31 and it may be time to start thinking of the future. I could see San Diego taking a pass-catching tight end in the first couple of round next year. The Chargers throw the ball so much and they are creative enough on offense that they can fit in both Gates and a youngster in some situations.