Harris Poll: AFC West not popular

According to recent a Harris Poll, the AFC West is not a very popular division.

Three of the four teams in the division are ranked No. 24 or lower in a survey that asked people to name their favorite NFL team. According to this poll, the No. 17 Denver Broncos are the most popular team in the division. San Diego is No. 24, Oakland is No. 25 and Kansas City is No. 30.

The Raiders had one of the biggest falls from last year’s poll. They were No. 17. As a whole, the division is taking a dip in popularity. Both Oakland and Kansas City are ranked the lowest since 1998 and Denver is tied for its lowest ranking in that time period.

The poll was conducted in September where 2,462 adults were surveyed.

I can say that I certainly don’t feel this is a division that is suffering from a lack of fan support. Believe me, all four fan bases appear to be as alive and as strong as ever.

Oh, and yes, the Dallas Cowboys remain America’s favorite team, according to the poll.

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