Time to cut ties with Kyle Orton

Now that the elephant in the room is their starting quarterback, what should the Denver Broncos do with Kyle Orton?

Orton is a free agent at the end of the season and it is highly doubtful he will play again as a Denver Bronco. Even if Tim Tebow fails miserably or gets hurt, what’s the point of playing Orton again? If Tebow doesn’t work out, Denver will likely give Brady Quinn a chance to play before Orton.

Orton, acquired in the Jay Cutler trade with Chicago in April 2009, has had his chance. The Broncos are 6-22 in Orton’s last 28 starts. Orton looked good when Denver started 6-0 in 2009 and he threw for a lot of yards last season. But he struggled this season and it's clear he doesn’t give the Broncos a good chance to win.

I think the Broncos should part ways with him now.

The trading deadline is Oct. 18. Denver tried to trade Orton in late July and it nearly had a deal with Miami. However, that deal died when Orton could not come to an accord with Miami on a new deal. The Dolphins are 0-4 and they need a quarterback with Chad Henne out for the season. Perhaps they’d be interested in Orton. However, Denver might be hesitant to deal Orton to Miami now because the first game Denver plays with Tebow as the starter this year is at Miami on Oct. 23.

Still, if the Broncos can get a conditional pick for Orton from any team, they should do it. He has no future in Denver and his presence could create an awkward situation in the locker room.

The Broncos rolled with Orton and it didn’t work. Now, it’s time to completely cut ties with him.