Chat wrap: Battle tested in K.C.

The following are some highlights of our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


BG from Seattle: I was too busy celebrating the benching of Kyle Orton to notice that Von Miller was benched during the last game. Any insights to why he was benched?

Bill Williamson: He played in passing situations, but other players were playing in base, so yeah, he was replaced. I don't think it is a major deal yet. Now, if it continues, it will be an issue. But Miller is dominant as a pass-rusher and the team is happy with his overall play thus far. He's just a rookie trying to feel his way. Setbacks happen. The key is addressing it and improving.

Kansas City

Dante from Minny: Does Jackie Battle get a chance to be a sustaining runner for KC?

BW: I think he will get the chance for the rest of the season. He has given the Chiefs a much-needed spark in the aftermath of Jamaal Charles' injury. He will continue to get that chance.


Angelo from San Antonio, Texas: Hey BW, read your blog everyday. I was wondering what your take on Louis Murphy's role for the Raiders now that DHB, Moore, Hagan, and Schilens have proven to be good receivers?

BW: Thanks, Angelo, don't forget Ford, he's a stud. I think there will be a place for Murphy. He is a solid possession guy who is reliable. I think the Raiders' receiving group is a work in progress as far as who will end up playing a lot. But Murphy can help this team.

San Diego:

Jefffree from San Diego, CA.: What's up with Jordan Todman and Vincent Brown? Been anxious to see what they could do in the field.

BW: They are youngsters learning the system. I wouldn't write these guys off. The Chargers' roster is stacked, so these guys are depth at this point, for this season.