Expect Lloyd trade chatter to continue

There has been talk of Denver Broncos Pro Bowl receiver Brandon Lloyd being on the trade block for days. We discussed it in our AFC West chat Thursday.

LloydLloydIt will remain a topic until Tuesday’s trade deadline. The Denver Post reported the Broncos are considering trading Lloyd for anything ranging from a third-to-fifth-round pick. That suggests the team is very open to dealing Lloyd, who had a career year for Denver at the age of 29 last season. The Broncos are thinking about the future, so acquiring a valuable draft pick is worth investigating in the next few days.

It could also be a case of Lloyd wanting to be dealt. Lloyd would like a new contract. It is questionable whether the rebuilding Broncos will want to spend big money on an aging receiver. The Broncos have several young receivers they want to develop.

Lloyd is a product of the former regime, as he was brought to Denver by former coach Josh McDaniels. They had a good relationship. That’s why it makes sense that a potential trading partner is St. Louis, where McDaniels is the offensive coordinator of the receiver-hungry Rams.

One of the teams mentioned as a possible suitor is Tennessee. Here is a report that doesn’t see that deal happening,

Here are two ESPN video clips that talk about the possibility of Lloyd being dealt and how it would affect new starting quarterback Tim Tebow.

Expect to hear more about a potential trade of Lloyd before the deadline. Whether it happens depends on if the Broncos decide to helping the future is more important than helping this team and whether or not a new team will want to pay Lloyd.