Brandon Lloyd trade was necessary

The Denver Broncos' trade of Brandon Lloyd is not the kind of deal that makes fans of the trading team excited, but they are necessary.

Denver shipped the 30-year-old receiver to the St. Louis Rams for a sixth-round draft pick that could become a fifth-round pick next year. Again, receiving a late-round pick for a starter does not get the blood flowing. But there are reason that makes this trade valuable for the Broncos.

Lloyd, 30, was going to leave as a free agent at the end of the year. There is was no need for Denver to give Lloyd a big-dollar contract because of his age. The Broncos are beginning a rebuilding phase. They want to see what young receivers Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker can do.

Plus, Lloyd didn’t want to be there anymore. He said on “SportsCenter” on Monday that his departure was amicable. But he wants to go somewhere where they would pass the ball more. Lloyd reunites with former Denver coach Josh McDaniels in St. Louis. McDaniels is the offensive coordinator in St. Louis.

Lloyd, who has 19 catches this season, has long been a supporter of former Denver quarterback Kyle Orton. Now that Denver is moving toward the Tim Tebow era, the Broncos are probably better off moving on without a player who supported Orton.

Again, the Broncos are moving to youth all over the field. Lloyd just doesn’t fit in for the future.

Lloyd was a journeyman when he arrived in Denver in 2009. The Broncos signed him essentially as a street free agent. Not much was expected from him when he signed. So, for Denver to get a Pro Bowl season out of Lloyd and now a draft pick, it was a pretty good relationship with Lloyd.

But it’s clear it was time for the relationship to end.