Will Carson Palmer play Sunday?

The immediate question is: When will the Carson Palmer era begin in Oakland?

The Raiders traded for Palmer on Tuesday to help keep them in the playoff hunt. I wouldn’t be shocked if Palmer is playing Sunday at home against Kansas City.

I know Palmer hasn’t played in 10 months. I know he doesn’t know his new teammates, and I know it would be highly unusual for an NFL team to give its offense to a new quarterback in this situation.

But the Raiders gave up two high draft picks for Palmer because they think he is the man to help them win right away. They could have stuck with Kyle Boller this week while figuring out what they wanted to do for the rest of the season, but they made this bold move instead.

So why wait? Get Palmer on the field as soon a possible.

Palmer played for Oakland coach Hue Jackson at USC and in Cincinnati. So, he is not unfamiliar with this system. The Raiders rely on the run anyway, so Palmer could be eased into action this week.

There is also recent precedent to the Raiders rushing newly acquired players onto the field. Last week, linebacker Aaron Curry started for the Raiders after having one practice with the team.

Why wouldn’t they do that with Palmer? Jackson is as aggressive as they come. Why would he change now?