Putting another spin on Tebow Time

On "NFL Live" Friday, ESPN analyst Jerry Rice explained that when the 49ers transitioned from Joe Montana to Steve Young at quarterback, Rice and his fellow receivers had to make an adjustment to the left-handed Young.

Rice said the spin of the ball is different when thrown by a left-handed quarterback than it is with a right-handed quarterback. Left-handed quarterbacks are rare; Rice said it took a lot of repetitions for him to get used to Young’s ball.

Why is this important now?

Well, Rice was talking about how Denver’s receivers will adjust to life with new starting quarterback Tim Tebow. Like Young, Tebow is a lefty.

Shortly after Denver drafted Tebow in 2010, I did a column on left-handed quarterbacks and how their teammates must adjust to them. In the end, everyone involved said the adjustment period is initially awkward but it doesn’t last long.

In other AFC West news:

Kansas City quarterback Matt Cassel is happy for college roommate Carson Palmer’s opportunity in Oakland.

The Broncos feel healthy heading into Sunday’s game at Miami.