AFC West QBR ratings not strong

Let’s look at how the AFC West’s four starting quarterbacks rated in ESPN Stats & Information’s Total QBR after Week 7:

Philip Rivers, San Diego

Week 7 QBR: 28.1

Weekly NFL ranking: 17

Season QBR: 57.1

Season NFL ranking: 15

Comment: The concern over Rivers is growing.

Matt Cassel, Kansas City

Week 7 QBR: 41.6

Weekly NFL ranking: 13

Season QBR: 53.0

Season NFL ranking: 16

Comment: Cassel wasn’t great in Week 7, but he’s helping his team win.

Tim Tebow, Denver

Week 7 QBR: 18.2

Weekly NFL ranking: 23

Season QBR: NA

Season NFL ranking: NA

Comment: What’s more important? Style or victories?

Carson Palmer, Oakland

Week 7 QBR: 3.7

Weekly NFL ranking: 26

Season QBR: NA

Season NFL ranking: NA

Comment: This can’t be what Oakland gave up two premium picks for.