Cassel makes Total QBR strides

Let’s look at how the AFC West’s four starting quarterbacks rated in ESPN Stats & Information’s Total QBR after Week 8:

Matt Cassel, Kansas City

Week 8 QBR: 73.9

Weekly NFL ranking: 7

Season QBR: 58.0

Season NFL ranking: 15

Comment: Whether he gets respect or not, Cassel makes plays when needed.

Philip Rivers, San Diego

Week 8 QBR: 32.9

Weekly NFL ranking: 18

Season QBR: 52.4

Season NFL ranking: 17

Comment: Can Rivers bounce back from The Snap?

Tim Tebow, Denver

Week 8 QBR: 3.4

Weekly NFL ranking: 27

Season QBR: 12.8

Season NFL ranking: 35

Comment: Tebow is last in the league in this category.

Carson Palmer, Oakland

Week 8 QBR: NA

Weekly NFL ranking: NA

Season QBR: NA

Season NFL ranking: NA

Comment: It will be interesting to see how Palmer performs in his first Oakland start Sunday.