Chat wrap: When will Bowe get paid?

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Wednesday:


Andy M. from Lone Tree, Colo.: Do you think Eddie Royal or Knowshon Moreno will be in orange and blue next year? I think Royal should be kept; Moreno is iffy but is still under contract next year (I think).

Bill Williamson: It depends on Royal. I think there is a shot. He does have value as he showed that in Oakland. Yeah, Moreno is still under contract. I'm not a Moreno guy. He has shown very little. The fact that McGahee is shining as the starter at 30, shows you where Moreno is. So far, he looks like just a backup. That is brutal for a third year player who was the No. 12 overall pick.


Chris from Lee’s Summit, Mo.: When are the Chiefs going to give Bowe a contract extension?

BW: It's a good question. They have been aggressive in giving guys deals, but Bowe and Brandon Carr are free agents who haven't yet been addressed. I think they could be on the way at some point. They need to keep those two guys.


AJ from Oakland: Lost in the Denver debacle was Ford's game. Is he back to form?

BW: He's a good player. He's a weapon. He needs to be a big part of the offense every week. It's time for Hue to figure out who his best receivers are and go with them. I'm sure forcing Housh into the mix is the answer.


Leland from Texas: Do you think the chargers start running more with River's and do you really think missing Sproles is the reason a QB throws the most interceptions in his career?

BW: They do miss Sproles, especially on bubble screen passes. But if they can keep Tolbert, Mathews and Brinkley healthy, they have a strong running attack that will be effective.