Happy New Year: Orton vs. Tebow

Upon hearing that his former Denver Broncos teammate was claimed by AFC West rival Kansas City Chiefs on Wednesday, starter Tim Tebow had this to say: “Good for him. Congratulations to him. That will be fun to play him the last game of the year.”

Clearly, everybody is looking forward to Jan. 1 in Denver. The Chiefs and Broncos will play in the regular-season finale that potentially will have a bearing on the AFC West playoff picture. Could you imagine this game's hype if either team has a chance to make the playoffs heading into the day?

Neither Orton nor Tebow has been publicly critical of the other, but the truth is Denver was 1-4 with Orton this season and it is 4-1 since Tebow replaced him.

That’s provides a juicy storyline. Both players would certainly be ready to try to outshine the other player.

UPDATE: The Chiefs announced they cut receiver Keary Colbert to make room for Orton.