Percentages favorable for the Raiders

In an Insider piece, ESPN.com’s playoff predictor pegs the Raiders as the No. 4 seed in the AFC playoffs. It gives the Raiders a 67 percent chance of making the postseason for the first time in nine years. It gives Denver a 37.4 chance of making the playoffs, but ultimately falling just shy of the playoffs.

Oakland is 7-4 and Denver (which has won five of its last six games) is 6-5 and a game out of the division and wild-card race. It should be a fun final five weeks in the division.

In other AFC West nuggets:

Count Bill Parcells as among those in Tim Tebow’s camp. This is what Parcells had to say on a Florida radio station: “You have to give the player [Tebow] a chance to play, and he’s playing and winning for your team. And if he continues to do that, then he will get more chances, because if you win, you get to do that. That’s both playing and coaching and being a general manager. If you don’t win, and you don’t play well, and you don’t coach well, then you don’t get to stay. He’s done a remarkable job and they [Broncos] are doing pretty well, and the division, although its competitive, there’s no powerhouse team in that AFC West. So I think Denver right now, they’re trailing Oakland, but they have just a good chance as anyone the way they are going.”

Meanwhile, ESPN.com’s Page 2 believes the option-running Broncos are going back to high school with Tebow leading the way.

A San Diego columnist believes Norv Turner should be fired, but that the team should keep general manager A.J. Smith.

The Broncos made some moves at the bottom of their roster.