Playoff predictor likes Broncos, not Raiders

According to ESPN’s playoff predictor, which is an Insider piece, the Denver Broncos are in line to make the playoffs, while the Oakland Raiders are not.

The two teams are tied for first place in the AFC West at 7-5. Denver has a 61 percent chance to make the playoffs are projected to be the No. 4 seed. Oakland has a 38 percent chance to make the playoffs and is projected to be on the outside looking in. It is exactly how the current standings look. If the playoffs started today, because of tiebreakers, Denver would win the division and the Raiders would not qualify for a wild-card spot.

Oakland entered Week 13 in great shape with a 67 percent chance of making the playoffs, but after getting steamrolled in Miami, the Raiders could be in trouble. Still, Oakland can get right back on track with a big win at 12-0 Green Bay on Sunday.

There is still a quarter of the season remaining. Anything is possible.

In other AFC West nuggets:

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Baltimore expects legendary linebacker Ray Lewis to return from a toe injury that has kept him out for three weeks in Week 15 at San Diego.

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