Would Chargers draft a tight end early?

Steve Muench of Scouts Inc. breaks down the top tight ends availableInsider in next year’s draft. I think the Chargers will be looking at tight ends early as star Antonio Gates, 31, deals with nagging feet issues.

It may be time to give Gates some help in the next few seasons and to plan for the future. I could see San Diego grabbing a tight end as high as the second round.

In other AFC West nuggets:

Here is another "First Take" debate on Tim Tebow. ESPN’s.com Page 2 wonders if the television classic “Seinfeld" foretold Tebow's success. Meanwhile, a Denver Super Bowl by Jockey pitchman Tebow could result in free underwear. Yes, I know. Tebowmania is off its rocker.

The Broncos announced that linebacker Wesley Woodyard had been named their recipient of the Walter Payton Man of the Year award. The award recognizes a player for leadership on the field and in the community. The NFL will name its winner of the award in February. Woodyard is now one of the 32 finalists for the award.