AFC West mailbag

Weekend mail call:

Dan from Virginia Beach, Va. wants to know if Oakland guard Stefen Wisniewski will get any love for offensive rookie of the year.

Bill Williamson: No chance. It will be Carolina quarterback Cam Newton or Cincinnati quarterback Andy Dalton. That, though, doesn’t mean Wisniewski hasn’t had a good year. He’s been terrific and he had the look of a 10-12 year stalwart on Oakland’s line. He is smart beyond his years and he looks incredibly comfortable on the field. He was a great pick at No. 48.

Patrick from Phoenix wants to know if Denver defensive coordinator Dennis Allen is in danger of losing his job because the Broncos gave up 81 points in the past two games.

BW: No chance at all. It would be a fallacy to pin Denver’s two-game losing streak on the defense. Against New England, the Denver offense fumbled three times in its territory in one quarter. The Denver defense held the Patriots to two field goals and a touchdown after the offensive miscues. At Buffalo, Denver allowed two interception returns for scores and a punt return for a score. The defense gave up one touchdown and four field goals. The defense is not the problem and Allen has a bright future.

James from La. wants to know if the Chargers will go after a high-dollar coach.

BW: The big-money coaches who will be available are Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden. Each coach has been connected to the San Diego job. They would be very pricey and I’m not sure San Diego ownership wants to go that route. But if the Chargers think they are a coach away from getting their Super Bowl and new stadium dreams answered, it could be worth it.