Chat wrap: What to expect Sunday

Here are some highlights of our AFC West chat, which was held Thursday:


Matthew from Thornton, Co.: The Broncos have been blown out the past two weeks. How likely is it that "Tebow Time" starts up again Sunday against the Chiefs?

Bill Williamson: It all depends if Tebow Time equals Turnover TIme. That has been the difference.


Jersey Raider from Manchester, N.J.: I think the Chiefs/Broncos game comes down to KC's ability to stuff the run? What say you?

BW: Yeah, and Denver can't turn over the ball and the Chiefs need to score touchdowns rather than settle for field goals.


Mike from Denver: So who do you like in the Chargers-Raiders game? Sadly, I don't trust the Broncos to take care of business against KC.

BW: I think Raiders get it done. I don't see the Chargers being into it, especially against a more physical team that has so much more on the line.


Leland from Denver City, TX.: I'm hearing Fisher and Cowher. If AJ is gone, is Cowher the leader? Are there any other prominent names out there?

BW: This is how Cowher comes: If he wants to coach next year (he says he doesn't), Smith is not brought back and Spanos family wants to shell out big money. I could see Fisher as a fit either with Smith or without him. He'd cost some bucks, too, though.