Broncos-Steelers musings

Below are some random Broncos-Steelers thoughts. The two teams play at Denver in an AFC wild-card game on Sunday:

The Broncos and Steelers will set the AFC record for most postseason meetings with seven. The two teams have split the previous six meetings.

Denver’s last playoff game was a home loss to the Steelers in the AFC championship game during the 2005 season.

Former Denver Hall of Fame quarterback -- and current Denver football czar -- John Elway played his first postseason game against Pittsburgh in a home loss in 1984 during his second NFL season. This is Tim Tebow’s second NFL season, by the way.

The Broncos have had major turnover problems in their three-game losing streak. But will the Steelers be able to take advantage of it? The Steelers finished tied for 28th in the NFL with a minus-13 turnover margin.

The Broncos are also struggling. Their turnover margin is minus-12. According to ESPN Stats & Information, it will be the first playoff game in the Super Bowl era between teams with a turnover margin of minus-10 or worse.