Chat Wrap: What Denver needs to do

The following are some highlights of our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Carter from Atlanta: Do you see Denver trying to run more like they did the first quarter against the Patriots, (a healthy McGahee would be nice), or trying to air it out against a defense that hasn't been so good against the deep ball?

Bill Williamson: I think they will try to establish the run again. They had such good success before McGahee was hurt and before the turnovers changed the game. Tebow is best when the run sets up the pass. I think that will be the plan.


Chris from Lees’ Summit, Mo.: Do you think the Chiefs will resign both Brandon Carr and Dwayne Bowe?

BW: I'm a little surprised they haven't already been addressed because Kansas City is aggressive when it comes to re-signing its own players. But I think they are two key players that need to be kept.


Andy from Chicago: Any update on McFadden injury? Planned surgery?

BW: I checked on that yesterday. No surgery needed. He is improving. He should be fine for the offseason camps.


Jake from SD: I don’t understand the Chargers philosophy of promoting in house people for the job, such as D- Cord. How are things going to be any different in San Diego next year?

BW: It worked out when Rivera was promoted. Pagano is well liked by the players. I'm not sure that was the case with Manusky. The key in San Diego will getting better players.