Raider Nation is fuming over call

Posted by ESPN.com’s Bill Williamson

OAKLAND –- We’ll have to find some catchy name for it, but I think Raider Nation is going to have a new penalty complaint.

Oakland fans are already fired up about the overturned touchdown by rookie Louis Murphy late in the first half. Oakland had to settle for a field goal and an eventual 10-10 tie at halftime.

Officials ruled that Murphy did not have possession of the ball despite the fact that both feet hit the ground before he lost control of the ball.

My mailbag has been filled up with irate Oakland fans from around the country.

If Oakland ends up losing this game, this is going to down as an all-time Raider beef. Not quite as bad as the "Tuck Rule" play against New England in the 2001 playoffs, but Raider Nation will not be pleased.