Sticking with Tebow is the right call

John Elway was quiet about Tim Tebow's future during the 2011 season. Elway opted to focus on the present.

However, Elway didn’t wait long after the season ended to commit to Tebow moving forward. Elway said in a news conference Monday that Tebow has earned the right to be the Broncos’ quarterback heading into training camp.

Some folks may take that as Elway hedging his bets a bit because he didn’t commit to Tebow as the certain 2012 starting quarterback in Denver. But the fact that Tebow is going to camp as the starter is truly all he can ask for. Elway’s announcement means that the Broncos want him to be their starter in 2012 and that they will build their team this offseason with the hopes that Tebow will be the starter.

No team wants to plan to have one quarterback be the starter going into camp only to replace him later. Thus, Denver plans on Tebow being its starting quarterback in 2012.

It’s the right move. Yes, he was up-and-down in 2011, but he’s young. He has started just 16 games in the NFL. His first-year totals compare favorably to those of Hall of Famers Elway and Steve Young.

Elway is right. Tebow earned more time. And it’s no surprise he will get the chance to further prove himself. I will be back with more later on this story.