Chat wrap: Raiders need a big-name WR?

The following are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Chucky from SLC: What do you think about Denver's secondary? Goodman is well past his prime and this might have been Dawkins’ final season in the NFL. Quinton Carter is coming along but what happened to 2nd round draft choice Rahim Moore?

Bill Williamson: Moore was disappointing. He regressed. Carter was good. I think they will add a corner first and then add a safety in some form.

Kansas City

Bill from DC: What is the situation with Dwaine Bowe (regarding) his contract?

BW: He is a free agent. The Chiefs have indicated they would like to keep him, but he may be ready to see what's on the market.


Shanard from Utah: Bill, would the raiders go after another speed WR in DeSean Jackson if he is available.

BW: He's dynamic for sure, but I think the Raiders are good at receiver. They just have to continue to develop them. DHB, Moore and Ford is a nice trio if they continue to get better and they can stay healthy. Jackson is going to be pricey. If the Raiders were to spend that type of money, I'd like to see it spent on an impact defensive player.

San Diego

Jake from SD: Bill any word regarding McNeil, Dielman6 and Hardwick? What are the odds on the 3 coming back to SD next year? Also is Gaither a FA? Thanks!

BW: I think it will be a wait-and-see on all three. If had to guess they will all try to play. But I could see the Chargers trying to sign Gaither opposed to risking McNeill's health. But that is just a guess at this point.