Report: Raiders' assistant goes to Rams

This is the danger of a long coaching search: teams can lose some of their best assistant coaches.

That occurred in Oakland. NFL.com reported that Oakland defensive line coach Mike Waufle has taken the same job in St. Louis.

Waufle was considered one of the better defensive line coaches in the NFL and he was one of Oakland’s best coaches. Oakland’s players, especially defensive leader Richard Seymour, often praised Waufle.

However, as of last Tuesday, coaches on Oakland’s staff were free to find work elsewhere while the Raiders look for their new coach. Usually, new head coaches bring in a mostly a new staff, yet there are often a few holdovers from the previous staff.

I would have thought Waufle had a chance to stay on. I’m guessing another assistant who may be asked to stay is assistant offensive line coach Steve Wisniewski. He is considered an up-and-coming coach. Wisniewski is a former Raiders’ great player and he is the uncle of Oakland guard Stefen Wisniewski, who stood out as a rookie in 2011.