Report: Cassel saves woman from fire

Matt Cassel is a hero.

KMBC-TV reported that the Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback ran to a neighbor’s house to alert a woman that her house was on fire. Cassel’s wife reportedly noticed smoke and flames coming from the home’s chimney in the Village of Loch Lloyd, Mo., on Thursday night.

Witnesses said Cassel knocked and rang the doorbell of the woman’s house to get her attention and then ran around the house until he saw her come outside. The woman reportedly said she did not know her home was on fire until Cassel caught her attention. No one was hurt in the fire, but the house reportedly suffered major damage.

The humble and laid-back Cassel told the TV station that he is not a hero. "I just ran up to the house and alerted them. The real heroes are the firefighters,” Cassel said.

Last year, Cassel received praise for his extensive efforts of support in Joplin, Mo., after the massive tornado that destroyed major parts of the city.

Kudos to Cassel for being a good citizen.