Jack Del Rio discusses Denver job

Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio addressed the media to discuss his new role. Let’s look at some key parts of the transcript, courtesy of the Denver public relations staff.

On his relationship with Denver head coach John Fox:

“It’s good to be back with him. He’s a good man. He’s a good coach, and I know the types of things he is looking for with this staff and what my responsibilities would be. I’m very comfortable with that.”

My take: This opportunity was clearly appealing to Del Rio. He coached for Fox in 2002 and their familiarity will help everyone involved.

On if he would like to be a head coach again:

“Right now, I’m excited to be here. I had nine good years in Jacksonville, and maybe someday. But that’s really not in the forefront of my thinking. First and foremost for me is to get settled in here and get to work in terms of evaluating the tape and the season and getting ready for the offseason, personnel and all those things -- system adjustments -- and getting my family settled. We’re excited about this opportunity and help this fine organization get started.”

My take: That is a good answer. Denver is on its seventh defensive coordinator in seven seasons. The Broncos desperately want some stability on its staff. Still, after seeing Dennis Allen go from this staff to Oakland in a year, Del Rio has to know this is solid stepping stone if he performs well.

On the defensive tackle position:

“I know we have a lot to evaluate, and certainly that position will be part of it. Defensive line play is important. It really begins in the trenches. I believe that we have to take a good look at who we have here and make those decisions. We haven’t begun that process yet, and we’ll get started here shortly. When I was in Baltimore, we played outstanding defense. We had a couple really good tackles. If you’re going to play that four-man front, having two guys in the middle really allows you to do things, and that carried over in Carolina when I was there the one year with John. It carried over into Jacksonville when we were really good on defense early in my time there, and then this past year we were very good, Terrance Knighton and Tyson Alualu, were two forces in the middle. That definitely helps when you’re playing a 4-3.”

My take: This will be a key position to watch this offseason. Brodrick Bunkley and Marcus Thomas are free agents and Denver will likely add to the spot even if they re-sign both.