Mailbag: Allen could be great in Oakland

Tom from San Antonio wants to know if I think Oakland free-agent quarterback Jason Campbell could sign with the Broncos and compete with Tim Tebow.

Bill Williamson: I think Campbell could have been a possibility for Denver had the Broncos decided to replace Tebow. He’d be a good answer for the next couple of years. But the Broncos want Tebow to be the starter this year. I don’t think Campbell would enter that situation. He wants to be a clear starter and he deserves to be a starter.

Clint Wood from San Jose wants to know if I like the Raiders’ hire of coach Dennis Allen.

BW: I really do like it. I think it could be a big score for Oakland. I could see Allen being there for the long term. Now, there are risks involved and there is no guaranteed that Allen will be a successful head coach. At 39, perhaps he’s not ready. But I think it was a worthwhile risk. He is a football man through and through and he is good at the things that makes people good head coaches. He's tough, organized, detailed and he’s a people person. Again, we don’t know for sure Allen will be a coaching star, but he has a real chance to be.

Christopher from Toronto wants to know if I think the Broncos could move cornerback Champ Bailey to safety.

BW: I could see Denver’s coaching staff considering it and I see Bailey, who turns 34 in June, moving to safety at some point. But if I had to guess I think he will stay at cornerback this season. Sure, he is slowing down some, but he is still a very above average cornerback and he is probably best suited to help Denver at safety.