The curious case of Hue Jackson

What is going on with Hue Jackson?

Not much.

JacksonJacksonIn one of the more surprising developments on the coaching carousel the past few weeks, the former Oakland Raiders’ coach is not getting much interest on the assistant-coaching circuit.

Jackson interviewed to be the offensive coordinator in St. Louis and he interviewed as quarterbacks coach in Arizona. He wasn’t hired. Jackson has been bypassed for interviews elsewhere. There are openings in Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay and perhaps Jackson will be in play there. Nothing has developed yet, though.

Further clouding the Jackson situation is the fact that his offensive coordinator in Oakland, Al Saunders, is a finalist for the Kansas City offensive coordinator job. This is no shot at Saunders, but something is going on here. Saunders is a fine coach who has a lot of experience and who is well respected around the league.

But it was Jackson’s offense in Oakland. Jackson called the plays. You’d think he’d get some interest before his lieutenant.

Perhaps Jackson will land somewhere, but for a coach who was unexpectedly fired, you’d think he’d already have a job. The Raiders were 8-8 in Jackson’s one season as a head coach and the offense made great strides under in him 2010 (when he was the coordinator) and in 2011. He was considered one of the bright, young offensive coaches in the league.

Now, he can’t get an assistant job.

Perhaps what helped get Jackson fired in Oakland is what is hurting him getting a new job. Jackson turned off folks with his attitude following the death of Al Davis in October. After the final game of the season, Jackson infamously chastised Oakland’s players and vowed to take on a bigger role in all aspects of the organization.

Perhaps perspective employees are hesitant to bring on personality like that. It’s too bad, because Jackson is a quality football coach who deserves to have a job by now.