Mailbag: English's days numbered in San Diego?

Midweek mail call:

Doug from Aurora, Colo., wants to know if I think Dennis Allen -- the former defensive coordinator in Denver -- will bring any former Broncos players to Oakland with him.

Bill Williamson: There may be a few guys Allen may consider and I think every coach is interested in familiar faces. One guy to keep an eye on is New Orleans' cornerback Tracy Porter. He is a free agent and can fill the Raiders' biggest need area. Allen was his position coach prior to going to Denver last season.

Jarred from Baltimore wants to know if the Chargers may cut 2009 first-round pick Larry English.

BW: I think this will be English’s last chance in San Diego. He has played poorly and he has been injury prone. San Diego may draft a pass-rusher with the No. 18 pick so the team will move on. But even so, I think English will get one more shot.

James O. from Aliso Viejo, Calif., wants to know if I think Peyton Hillis could return to Denver.

BW: He could be on the team’s list and Denver will consider running backs in free agency. But I wouldn’t think Denver is a likely choice simply because he used to play there. He was drafted by a Denver brass twice removed. There aren't any real Hillis connections remaining in Denver other than some former teammates.