Chat wrap: Mike Tolbert's value

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Vijay from Nashville: Could you see the Broncos making a run at DeSean Jackson? Seems like a speedy WR who can stretch the field vertically works perfectly with Tebow's skills and is a major need in Denver.

Bill Williamson: It’s funny because he was targeted by Denver in the draft in 2008. But in the end, Denver took Eddie Royal over Jackson. But I don't see this regime spending big on a receiver right now and I don't see any receivers wanting to come to Denver in free agency right now. Tim Tebow has to prove he can be a consistent passer before the team commits to any receivers.


Nick from Denver: Bill, who will be the QB for the Chiefs when they start the season?

BW: I say it is Matt Cassel. I truly think he is the guy they want to be their quarterback.


Rick from Raider Nation, GA.: More important for Oakland to retain Tyvon Branch or Michael Bush? Franchise tag for one of them? If so, which one.

BW: Very interesting question. It may be Bush because of McFadden's health. But Branch is a priority as well.


Maximus from SD: Should Tolbert be re-signed by the Chargers? I think they need to spend the $ on defense and WR (V-Jax or FA) and Tolbert is just an average RB anyways

BW: Tolbert is special because he helps as a rusher, receiver, blocker and he’s good on special teams. He is a key role player and he needs to be kept.