Chiefs' interest in Routt makes sense

Thursday, we looked at the possibility of cornerback Stanford Routt staying in the AFC West. It appears that one team in the division is indeed considering the idea.

ESPNDallas.com reported that the Kansas City Chiefs are one of the teams that have interest in Routt, cut Thursday by the Oakland Raiders. Kansas City has yet to arrange a visit with Routt.

If the Chiefs sign Routt, that likely means they will allow cornerback Brandon Carr to become a free agent. The Chiefs could yet choose to place the franchise tag on either Carr or receiver Dwayne Bowe.

The Chiefs could be comparing the price tags for Carr and Routt; they could also be showing interest in Routt to demonstrate to Carr that they would be willing to go elsewhere.

I think it is a smart move for the Chiefs to at least see what Routt is looking for and to give themselves options in case they think Carr will leave. Because there is so much interest in Routt, this process could take some time.

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