Randy Moss in the AFC West? Can't see it

Randy Moss' 35th birthday present to himself was to announce he wants to come back to the NFL after taking last season off.

Moss' planned return has been the buzz of a slow February Monday. We will see if he fits with any team in the AFC West (I’ve received many questions about the idea Monday). Really, I don’t think there will be a push for Moss by any team in the division. He is declining and, remember, everyone had a crack at Moss two years ago. Why would there be a sudden interest now that he is 35 and rusty?

But let’s take a gander, anyway:

Denver: Can you see Tim Tebow and Moss being a good fit together? Neither can I.

Kansas City: Moss has a connection with Kansas City general manager Scott Pioli and quarterback Matt Cassel. Still, Pioli has passed on reuniting with Moss in the past. Maybe if Dwayne Bowe leaves Pioli would change his mind. Moss had a reputation for being a poor influence on young receivers. It probably wouldn’t be a good idea putting him with Jonathan Baldwin.

Oakland: Oakland needs to concentrate on developing its slew of young receiver talent. I can’t see the Raiders’ new leadership thinking bringing in Moss would be a good idea.

San Diego: Moss is not an A.J. Smith type of player, and the Moss-Norv Turner relationship wasn’t overly successful in Oakland in 2005. Maybe if Vincent Jackson leaves the Chargers would think about Moss. Still, I think San Diego would consider other options first.