Kiper's mock draft: WR to San Diego

ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper is offering another mock draft. Let’s check out his first-round picks for the AFC West teams:

*11. Kansas City: Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly

My take: Expect to see Kuechly connected to the Chiefs often in the next two months. I like the pairing. He has a chance to be a tremendous 3-4 inside linebacker in the NFL. He could be part of a standout group of linebackers. Romeo Crennel is on the cusp of assembling a great defense and this instinctive player would be a great addition.

18. San Diego: Notre Dame receiver Michael Floyd

My take: This is an interesting pairing. Floyd has a chance to be a dynamic receiver in the NFL. The only way I see this pairing work is if Vincent Jackson leaves as a free agent, which is a possibility. Otherwise, the Chargers have more pressing needs.

25. Denver: Penn State DT Devon Still

My take: This would be a terrific value pick for Denver. I think the Broncos will be looking for the best defensive player or top running back available at No. 25. Adding a player like Still could continue Denver’s improvement on defense.

*A coin flip with Seattle next week will determine whether the Chiefs will have the No. 11 or No. 12 pick. Oakland traded its first-round pick (No. 17) to Cincinnati as part of the trade for quarterback Carson Palmer.