RG3 and other QB talk in Kansas City

INDIANAPOLIS -- RG3 let the cat out of the bag.

He is meeting with the Kansas City Chiefs.

During his press briefing, Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III acknowledged that the Kansas City Chiefs are among the teams that he will meet with at the NFL combine this weekend.

Commence the speculation.

The Chiefs have the No.11 pick in the draft and they would likely have to trade up to either No. 2 or No. 3 to get the Heisman Trophy winner. When asked about the meeting with Griffin on Friday afternoon, Kansas City general manager Scott Pioli laughed and feigned frustration. Pioli said not to make too much of the meeting with Griffin, that the team is just doing its due diligence and that the Chiefs will talk to several players at the combine.

I don’t think too much should be made of the meeting. Pioli is right. Many teams talk to many players. I’m sure the Chiefs would love to draft Griffin, but the odds are strongly against it happening.

Meanwhile, Pioli clarified the notion that there is open competition at quarterback. He said, “Matt Cassel is our starter.” Yet, he did say there will be come competition at the position like every other position. Translation: Yes, Cassel can be beat out, but the team isn’t expecting it.

Pioli did say the Chiefs have talked to Kyle Orton’s agent and there is mutual interest in Orton coming back. I think Orton may see what is out on the open market as far as starting jobs go before he considers returning to the Chiefs.

Asked about Colts’ quarterback Peyton Manning, Pioli declined to comment because of the league’s tampering rules. Thursday, a Kansas City radio personality reported that he heard the Chiefs and Manning’s agent have already had discussions. That is against league rules because Manning is still property of the Colts.