Did Crennel tamper? Give me a break

There is a buzz surrounding Romeo Crennel’s recent comments about the possible availability of Colts’ quarterback Peyton Manning.

More than the potential paring, though, the focus is on whether Crennel tampered by commenting on Manning. If the league decides Crennel did tamper, the Chiefs could be fined and or lose draft picks.

My thoughts? It’s ridiculous.

Crennel did nothing wrong. Yes, I understand why tampering rules are in place, but Crennel didn’t do anything sinister or backhanded. Here’s what the man did: he answered a question from a media member. By the way, if Crennel decides not to answer questions from the media, he can be fined for that, too.

Saturday, when Crennel graciously took time out of his day to address the media, he was asked about Manning. The Chiefs have been rumored to be one of the teams interested in signing the star when he is cut by the Colts.

This is what Crennel said: “I’m not supposed to talk about anyone else’s players. He’s still a player with Indianapolis. But with a talent like that, I would be crazy not to consider it if he were available. I’ll leave it at that.”

Sure, let’s strip Crennel of money and draft picks for those comments.

Come on, let’s get real here. Did those comments really get in the Colts’ way of dealing with Manning? We all know that a Manning-Colts divorce is on the way. Crennel didn’t get in the middle of it. All he did was honestly answer a question about one of the best players in NFL history. Plus, he prefaced it by acknowledging the tampering rules.

I’m getting the feeling the NFL is not inclined to do anything about the Crennel’s innocent comments. But if tampering charges are somehow pursued I wouldn’t blame Crennel if he could no longer honestly answer media questions.

That would be a real shame.