Mailbag: Chiefs' draft targets

Midweek mail call:

Vic Liao from San Diego wants to know which receiver -- Reggie Wayne or Hines Ward -- would be a better fit for the Chargers.

Bill Williamson: They are different receivers, Vic. I think Wayne can come into play if the Chargers lose Vincent Jackson. If Jackson leaves in free agency, I’d expect the Chargers to make a run at Wayne. Ward is a backup type, so I don’t think the Chargers would choose between them.

Kolby Vaughn from Kansas wants to who may be the best fit for the Chiefs at pick No. 11.

BW: It’s difficult to say what the Chiefs’ needs will be after free agency, but right now, I think the best bets are Memphis defensive tackle Dontari Poe, Boston College middle linebacker Luke Kuechly and Stanford tackle Jonathan Martin. Then there’s Alabama running back Trent Richardson if he slides to No. 11. But right now, I’d say the Chiefs will either take Poe or Kuechly. But that can change as needs are addressed in free agency.

Brian from Denver wants to know which RB I think is a better fit for the Broncos in free agency -- San Diego’s Mike Tolbert or Oakland’s Michael Bush.

BW: It’s an interesting question. I know some teams like Tolbert better while other teams prefer Bush. In Tolbert, you get a versatile player. He can rumble, he is good in short-yardage, he can catch and he is a monster on special teams. Bush is also very rugged, but he is not quite as versatile as Tolbert. However, he is probably a better pure running back and of the two, he is likely the one who can be a primary back. I think the Broncos would probably look at Bush first, but Tolbert would also be appealing. Both players are going to cash a large check soon.