Tim Tebow needs to pass on 'The Bachelor'

There is no doubt Tim Tebow has been doing the Hollywood circuit this offseason in his off hours from working on his game at UCLA with noted quarterback guru Noel Mazzone.

Tebow has been spotted dining with celebs and hanging out at Oscar parties. There’s no problem with Tebow enjoying his free time. However, the latest offer for Tebow to step into the spotlight must be declined, or he will put himself in a position of earning much scrutiny.

The host of ABC’s dating game, “The Bachelor” has said he met Tebow and asked him about starring on the show. The host said he wasn’t optimistic Tebow would accept.

There have been rumblings that Tebow might be at risk of enjoying his own celebrity too much. If he accepts that gig, it will not quiet that talk. Tebow’s primary goal should be improving as a quarterback. This is an important offseason for his development.

To his credit, he has already been a fierce worker this offseason, one of his best attributes. Committing to a television show would not look good for a young player who must prove himself.

I think Tebow gets that, and that's why I’d be surprised if we see him passing roses instead of pigskins in any offseason.

UPDATE: Tebow tweeted that he is not interested in doing the show, so the "The Bachelor" host's dream is over. As I explained above, it’s the smart move by Tebow. Thanks to the readers who pointed out Tebow’s tweet.