Mailbag: Tim Tebow to Jaguars?

Weekend mail call:

James from Colorado wants to know what quarterbacks could replace Tim Tebow as the Broncos’ starting quarterback without fan scrutiny.

Bill Williamson: Of the quarterback available this year, I think it is small group. I think there’s Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III and that’s it. Luck and Griffin are out of the picture. Yet, the Broncos are trying aggressively to make Manning Tebow's successor. I think would be accepted, even by Tebow’s most ardent supporters. They would have to understand. Any other of the available quarterbacks would likely invoke some sort of backlash.

James from Azusa, Calif., wants to know if the Raiders could sign a backup quarterback.

BW: Kyle Boller was connected to former coach Hue Jackson. I think the Raiders will look to move on. There is a chance Terrelle Pryor could become the No. 2 quarterback. Still, I would expect a veteran to come in to produce competition for Pryor. There are several backups available. If new Oakland coach Dennis Allen liked what he saw of Brady Quinn in practice when both were in Denver last year, the Raiders could be interested.

Tyler from Denver wants to know if there is any way Jacksonville would trade the No. 7 pick to the Broncos for Tebow.

BW: New Jacksonville owner Shahid Khan has said he would have drafted Tebow, who is from Jacksonville. Tebow would surely sell tickets and he would be a shot in the arm for the struggling franchise. But the Jaguars just drafted Blaine Gabbert with the No. 10 pick last season. If would be very surprising to see the Jaguars give up the No. 7 pick for Tebow. If they were interested, I’m sure it is something the Broncos would be willing to do, especially if they land Manning.