Chat wrap: Manning madness

Here are some highlights (guess what the vast majority of the questions were about) from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Andrew from Maine: If the Broncos are able to persuade Peyton Manning to Denver, what do you think the trade value of Tim Tebow is to a team like Jacksonville?

Bill Williamson: I don't want to say Tebow would certainly be traded if Manning is brought in, but I think the Broncos should ask the Jaguars if they have any interest


Lars from KC: So looks like the Chiefs are not so married to Cassel. If the Chiefs should fail in their bid to entice Manning to KC, will they aggressively pursue the # 2 pick for Griffin in the draft? What do you think KC's chances percentage wise is they go into the season with a new QB?

BW: I think the Manning deal is a different animal. Unless a team is totally set at quarterback, I think they should look at him. That is what Denver and the Chiefs are doing. If the Chiefs don’t land Manning, I think Cassel is still the favorite to be their quarterback. The Chiefs will add to the position in some form, but if it's not Manning, Cassel will get a chance to remain the starter.


AJ from Oakland: Who will be the Raiders head coach in 2013? Or are those days over?

BW: Mr. Dennis Allen ... yes, those days are over. I think he will be there, at least, three years. That is the normal timeline for coaches these days and I think the Raiders are operating under normal timelines these days.


James Simpson from Kansas City: Which team in the AFC WEST do you see being the most aggressive in free agency and why?

BW: I think we will see a lot of movement, but I think San Diego will be the most aggressive because they have the biggest mix of in-house needs and outside needs. So, the Chargers will be making noise out of sheer necessity.