Kyle Orton will visit Dallas

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting Kansas City quarterback Kyle Orton will visit the Cowboys.

He would back up Tony Romo in Dallas. This is surprising to me. I would think Orton could get a chance to compete for a starting job elsewhere. But for his first visit to be a place where he would be a backup is an indication he may not currently have better options.

The Chiefs have said they would like to keep Orton and have him compete with Matt Cassel. To me, that seems like a better option than in Dallas for Orton.

Also, Miami quarterback Chad Henne is going to visit Jacksonville, Schefter reports. There has been some talk he could interest the Chiefs and Broncos. Also, if Henne ends up in Jacksonville, that could take a potential spot away from Tim Tebow in Jacksonville. The Broncos would likely call the Jaguars about Tebow -- who is from Jacksonville -- if the Broncos land Peyton Manning.