Manning: Rocky Top over the Rockies?

While ESPN’s Chris Mortensen has reported that Peyton Manning has not eliminated any of the four teams he has visited with, ESPN’s Adam Schefter said on ‘SportsCenter’ on Thursday morning that the sense is the finalists might be Denver and Tennessee.

Manning has also visited Arizona and Miami. Before Tennessee entered the picture (Manning played at the University of Tennessee, and is a legend in the state), the Broncos and the Cardinals were considered the favorites to land Manning in most circles. So, perhaps the Broncos should feel good that Schefter is reporting they are hanging in the race.

ESPN analyst Bill Polian (who brought Manning to Indianapolis, and who remains close with Manning) said on ‘SportsCenter’ that football-wise, the Broncos and Titans are “almost a dead heat” in his opinion. Polian said perhaps Tennessee’s “home-field advantage” will be the deciding factor for Manning.

Polian also said the decision by Manning might take awhile. The Broncos remain committed to staying in this race, but if Manning doesn’t choose them, they could be in a bad spot. Denver entered free agency with $38 million in cap room, but hasn’t done anything yet, because Manning would change their free-agency plan.