AFC West notes

Peyton Manning has reportedly told the Broncos, 49ers and the Titans he will sign early next week. We will see. He is reportedly throwing for the Titans on Saturday. He threw for the Broncos on Friday and he threw for the 49ers earlier in the week.

UT San Diego reports Chargers’ running back Mike Tolbert is talking to the Steelers and the Panthers. He is on an undisclosed visit on Saturday and there is a chance he will sign a new deal Saturday. It appears Tolbert will not return to San Diego. If he is, indeed, gone from San Diego, the Chargers will miss him.

CBS Sports is reporting Denver defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley will visit the Saints. The Broncos want Bunkley bad. Losing him would hurt Denver because it needs another defensive tackle as well. I would be surprised if Denver doesn’t make a competitive offer to retain Bunkley.

There has been some speculation Oakland could pursue Houston center Chris Myers, but he signed back with the Texans.