AFC West quarterback rankings

Philip Rivers is no longer the best quarterback is in the division. Rivers is still an elite quarterback, but when one of the best players ever to play the position enters the division, thing change.

With Peyton Manning joining the division, let’s rank the four starting quarterbacks in the division:

1. Manning: He is going to be 36 this weekend and he missed all of the 2011 season due to a neck injury. Still, the Broncos are convinced Manning’s best days are not behind him. If he is anything close to the old Manning, the Broncos will be in business.

2. Rivers: Rivers is a great quarterback, but he won’t get fully recognized until he wins a Super Bowl. He now has to face one of his greatest competitors twice a season.

3. Carson Palmer, Oakland: If Palmer has a resurgence and he gets comfortable in Oakland this will be a great quarterback division. If he doesn’t totally rebound, he’s still a solid starter.

4. Matt Cassel, Kansas City: Cassel is one of the better bottom-of-the-division quarterbacks and he has a terrific supporting cast. He can be effective, but he is not better than Palmer at this point.