Manning hasn't owned the AFC West

Maybe Peyton Manning came to the wrong division?

According to several statistics compiled by the great minds at ESPN Stats & Information, the new Denver Broncos quarterback has had some struggles against the AFC West during the 2008-2010 regular seasons. Manning's numbers weren't exactly impressive against AFC West opponents in the three seasons before his injury.

His .679 winning percentage against the West ranks only third among the four current AFC divisions.

Against AFC West opponents, Manning has averaged just 7.1 yards per pass attempt -- that's his lowest average against any division he has played. His 84.5 passer rating against the AFC West is his second lowest among the eight divisions.

In six postseason games against AFC West teams, Manning has four victories. In fact, the only AFC West squad to ever knock him out of the playoffs were the Chargers during the 2007 and 2008 seasons.

Does this all mean Manning will not succeed in the division? No, of course not. But it does provide some hope for the rest of the AFC West.