Mailbag: L.T. to Oakland?

Mid-week mail call:

Israel from Fremont, Calif., wants to know if LaDainian Tomlinson could be a good fit in Oakland as a backup running back.

Bill Williamson: I can see why you asked, Israel. The Raiders need a backup. But I think they will be looking for a younger, bigger back, perhaps in the draft. I think Tomlinson, a San Diego legend, is done and I just think the Raiders could better be served with a younger backup.

Greg B from Denver wants to know what the Tracy Porter signing means for Denver second-year cornerback Chris Harris.

BW: Harris came out of nowhere as an undrafted free agent last year and played very well as a nickel cornerback. I think he will have the same role this season. Solid nickel cornerbacks are difficult to come by and they are important because of the emphasis of the passing game, especially in this division. So, Harris will be the No. 3 cornerback in Denver. Remember, Porter signed just for one year so perhaps if Harris has a good year and the Broncos and Porter don’t sign another deal, Harris could be ready to start in 2013.

Chad from Kansas City wants to know if there has been any progress with Kansas City franchised receiver Dwayne Bowe signing a long-term deal.

BW: There really hasn’t been much said. The Chiefs still have plenty of cap room, so they can get something done if they choose. I think Bowe is an important piece of this offense and getting him locked up for the future needs to be a goal in Kansas City.