John Fox talks from the owners meetings

Thanks to the Broncos’ PR staff for sending out a transcript from coach John Fox’s media session at the owners meetings in Florida on Monday. Let’s look at some of the highlights (you can guess what was the focus of the session):

On Peyton Manning’s impact on the offense: “As he would tell you, he’s done it a certain way for 14 years and obviously had great success. We’d kind of be silly if we wouldn’t take some of what he’s done in the past and utilize his strengths and comfort zone. I think that was a factor and of course that came up. He hadn’t been through the process in so long, being in one place, I thought he did a terrific job in handling that.”

My take: Fox is going to hand the keys to the Denver offense to Manning and let him do his thing. It’s the right call.

On Manning organizing workouts with Broncos players: “I did hear about that. He’s that guy. He’s going to round them up and get them working. I do know that much about his reputation in the past.”

My take: It’s one of the reasons why Denver signed Manning. He takes control of the team, and the Broncos are thrilled about it.

On whether the Broncos will pass more than his offenses have before: “I think it’s hard to compare, but if you look at the past, he has had great success in that area. I think sometimes what defines you as a quarterback, is your ability to convert on third downs and he’s had a pretty good history in that area. Tim [Tebow] is going to develop, as I said even before we traded him, he’s a young player that is getting better at maybe the hardest position in sports to compete at. He’s just going to get better. I’m not changing my tune just because he’s not with us anymore. I think the Jets got a heck of a player and he’ll grow and develop there. He ran the ball more last year than maybe [ever] in my head coaching and all of a sudden I was innovative (laughing). I didn’t quite get that one either.”

My take: This is the reason why Manning was pursued. The Broncos want to be a pass-oriented offense and in Manning, they have the offense they are looking to run.

On how much of an adjustment center J.D. Walton will have to make: “We have a lot of strong feelings about J.D. We think he is a very good, young player. I think J.D. will really look forward to the opportunity to be with Peyton Manning. We’ll have time to start trying to catch up those snaps. He’s had his share of quarterbacks already in his career, so I think he’s looking forward to that opportunity.”

My take: I think the Broncos caught a break when Jeff Saturday signed with Green Bay. Manning and Walton (who are already working together) will find a comfort level. Walton is part of a good, young offense. He should be the center in Denver.