Chat wrap: Backup QB options for Oakland

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held Thursday:


Josh from CO.: Is there any chance Poe falls to Denver in the draft? Or any chance they trade up?

Bill Williamson: I don't see him falling below the Chiefs at No. 11. If Denver wants him, they'll have to trade way up for him.

Kansas City

Derek from Iowa: Do really think that KC will draft a LB with the first round pick? KC had two pro bowl linebackers last season, wouldn't it be better to address an area which they aren't as strong at?

BW: I think Kuechly would be second on their list to Poe. He would fit in the 3-4 defense.


Will from Washington, D.C.: What viable options do the Oakland Raiders still have at back-up quarter back in the free agency? Do they even sign a free agent quarter back? Or do they look in the draft or elevate Pryor?

BW: Some of the backup QBs available are Leinart, Dixon, Volek and Vince Young. I think they will worry about the spot later. Pryor does have a chance, I do believe. But he will need a good camp.

San Diego

Maximus from SD: I keep reading the Chargers are looking at RB's like Jackie Battle etc. Is that really necessary? Can’t they just draft a RB in the 3rd round or later instead of a veteran who is not very good.

BW: I think they may need a vet because Mathews has not shown great durability.