Could Ricky Williams be a Charger?

The San Diego Chargers could use a big, experienced backup running back.

Apparently, Ricky Williams would be willing to fill that role.

According to a tweet by Joe Madani, program director of Austin, Texas, radio station 103.1 FM, Williams said on the radio this week that he has filed his retirement papers, but he’d consider playing for his hometown Chargers.

Williams, who will turn 35 in May, retired from Baltimore after he ran for 444 yards on 108 carries in 2011. Should the Chargers be interested in pulling the cobwebs off of Williams?

I don’t think so.

Yes, he is big and he has plenty of experience, but I think the Chargers can find plenty of younger options. Counting on 35-year-old running backs is not a great way of doing business in the NFL. If Ryan Mathews, who has had some durability concerns, has to miss a month, would Williams really be the answer? He last started a game in 2009.

I just think the Chargers could do better. It would be a cool story to see Williams finish his storied career in San Diego, but I’d very much question if it makes good football sense for the Chargers.

Cap tip to the reader who alerted me of this tweet.